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imageBEAT (Brentwood Endurance Athletic Team) is a local endurance/triathlon club with over 140 members.  Our team is dedicated to giving both adults and kids a healthy life through triathlon and endurance sports. Our team has won numerous national awards through USAT (USA Triathlon), has been written up in multiple newspapers and magazine articles, and no matter our age or whether we are an Ironman veteran or a newbie, we always seem to make spandex look good!

To join BEAT, email pgp306@yahoo.com. $30 yearly fee includes great discounts, full access to our membership, weekend rides and runs, free clinics, a tech tee-shirt, and more!

Not ready to join, but want more information?  Either email president@tribeat.org or fill in the below form and we’ll get back to you soon!  [contact_form]



Board of Directors

2017 BEAT Board of Directors  

Contact Us

Questions about our membership or sponsorship opportunities?  Want to join our mailing list?  Please email president@tribeat.org and we will be in touch soon!  Just as soon as we’re done swimming, biking, or running!

Harvest Hands Tri Club

As part of BEAT’s community outreach to promote healthy lifestyles and the sport of triathlon, BEAT has supported the Harvest Hands Triathlon Club since 2010!  Harvest Hands CDC is a Christian-based after-school program in South Nashville that provides homework help and exposure to sports for kids that might not otherwise have that environment after school. …

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