Nov 05

BEAT Nolensville Kids Triathlon

Beat_tri-kids_logo_M2We are so excited to announce our FIRST-ANNUAL BEAT Nolensville Kids Triathlon!  We are so appreciative of the support of Mayor Jimmy Alexander, the Town of Nolensville, and the Williamson County Parks & Recreation Department, for helping to make this event a reality!  Please check out all of the event details on our website and click on the logo to be connected to our registration site.



Oct 09

Runners for Ravenwood

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.43.37 PM


Richard Kenmuir: “I created this web page in order to gain support to allow runners to use the trails in Ravenswood Park. The park is about to open to the public – and it looks amazing!

UNFORTUNATELY parks officials have prohibited running on the trails! Their intention is to create an environment where you can “lose yourself” on the trails.

I can understand their intentions and would support limiting group sizes and activities such as mountain biking [and i love mountain biking too]. However whats more of a concern is that dogs are allowed…but runners not!

I believe that runners and hikers can coexist and enjoy the trails together. I believe that runners are unique, we respect other trail users, we love our trails and we love our environment.

Please like this page if you support this effort…feel free to comment but PLEASE remember that we represent our part of the community so keep it wholesome.”

Click through to “like” Runners for Ravenwood on Facebook and check out other media stories about Richard’s effort.

Runners for Ravenwood

Brentwood Home Page Article

WSMV Channel 4 News Report



Sep 29

Ironman Chattanooga!

6ad7e65d-2479-401a-a3d4-8e342a27df4dCongratulations to our Ironmen and Ironwomen, who conquered 144.6 miles on Sunday (because 140.6 is just crazy).

It’s a long list of congratulations so here goes!

Jason Baxter 9:48:04 (WOW is an appropriate response!)
Lindsay Chance 13:17:01
Sandy Coomer 12:28:29
Andrea Cumpston 12:21:33
Brian Ehrig 10:43:52
Leslie Ezell 12:23:09
Stephen Fawehinmi 13:30:27
James Fleming 12:20:50
Kevin Herrington 12:51:26
Ryan Kellow 11:25:02
Gina McKinney 14:00:27
Johanna Michel 11:54:47 (with two flats!)
Nick Proia 12:35:40
Paul Putnam 13:24:56
Nicole Schnaus 13:21:56
Barrett Sims 11:31:44 (with THREE flats!)
Christopher Tiblier 12:00:47
Vicki Updike 10:50:29 (4th AG)
Allison Ware 13:23:55
David Weil 14:07:34

And more congratulations to Jen Knickerbocker, who successfully did NOT run a marathon after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 116 miles. Your physical therapist and hip surgeon are proud of you.

And, finally, very special congratulations to Amy Cotta, who completed 140.6 miles in honor of those on her pack that she runs with and for. And, to Jennifer Donnelly, who completed her own version of an Ironman last night.

BEAT is so proud of all of you! Congratulations to you all!

(Please let me not have forgotten anyone!!!)


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Sep 01

Keep Fighting Kennette!


Update (9/1/14):

We are hearing that Kennette has been awake and even walking in the last 24 hours! Our teammate, Barrett, is going to Chattanooga tomorrow to see our beloved teammate, and we hope to have more information on her condition tomorrow night.

We are overwhelmed and so thankful for all of the support that Kennette has received after this tragic accident. As of this moment, we have raised close to $15,000 to help Kennette focus on her recovery in the upcoming weeks and months, and help to alleviate concerns about lost income and medical expenses.

Please continue to share. We are so blessed to have this amazing community of athletes as well as all of those that have reached out to help Kennette and her family. This has truly shown the spirit of our sport of helping others in times of need and focusing on what truly matters.


Kennette was early into a ride on the IM Chattanooga course on Saturday, August 30th. She hit a pothole and went over her handlebars. She hit on her forehead below her helmet line and was knocked unconscious and taken by ambulance to Erlanger Hospital.

She had surgery for a fractured skull and blood clot. Based on all of the information that the doctors and surgeons have, the surgery went as well as could be hoped and all of the scans are indicating positive news.

Kennette has touched countless lives and saved countless others through her instruction of Infant Swim Rescue. She is a pillar of the triathlon community and always has a smile or words of encouragement for those around her. She is a mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, triathlete, instructor, cheerleader, and a symbol of strength, resiliency, and love.

Please help give back to her and her family through any financial support you are able to provide. Once Kennette is out of immediate medical danger, she will need any help we can give her through support from lost income, medical expenses, and returning to her beautiful, giving life.

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise



Jul 29

Why Older Triathletes are Freaks


Why Older Triathletes are Freaks

Jul 25

BEAT Member Thad Beaty Trains Contestant on Extreme Weight Loss!

Musician and Athlete Thad Beaty Coaches Participant on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition


Sugarland guitarist, two-time IRONMAN, and Athlete Thad Beaty was fortunate to spend 2013 as the spokesperson for IRONMAN’S Kona Inspired program, working with athletes facing tremendous obstacles even before they got to Kona’s starting line. Now he’s taking his recently acquired USAT coaching certification from the big stage to the small screen, having acted as a coach and mentor to a participant on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, helping to guide a novice through the New Zealand 70.3.

Says Beaty, “My time with the athletes in the Kona Inspires program really showed me that IRONMAN is a powerful vehicle to affect change in people’s lives. It not only encompasses the lessons learned during training, but after crossing the finish line on race day you get to carry with you the confidence of knowing you achieved something extraordinary, something you never thought possible. And that changes the trajectory of your life.”

Thad knows something about this change in trajectory. After spending years on the road backing up pop-country juggernaut Sugarland and sharing the stage with the likes of Beyonce’, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, Beaty’s lifestyle of late nights, access to round-the-clock catering, and constant travel resulted in his health spiraling out of control. He set a goal to race an IRONMAN and subsequently lost over 70 pounds in an 18-month period, making him an ideal fit to work with people such as those on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition who, like him, were also looking to make radical life changes.

Thad’s personal experience gave him the confidence to work with the ABC show, saying “We had 7 months to take someone who could barely swim and hadn’t ridden a bike in 20 years from the couch to a 70.3. It was crazy but I believed we were up for the challenge.”

Tune in on Tuesday, July 15th at 8/7c on ABC to watch Thad and his mentee take on that challenge in the hopes of changing lives and making dreams come true. Good luck Thad!