Team App – Stay Connected!

We know that receiving a lot of emails can be bothersome.  If you are like us, you want just one place to find races, talk to others doing your race, find out social activities and more.  Sometimes coming to a website isn’t the easiest…

Which is why we have created an app for your phone!  Once you are a member of BEAT, Team App is a great place for all things BEAT to be centrally located.  It is available for download in the App Store (apple) or Google Play Store (android) in addition to having a website you can access on your computer.  We have spent hours and hours testing it, and we love it!  To access the web-version, please click here:

You will be required to sign up for an account with BEAT in order to access our Team App, but that is an easy process and you will not be receiving a ton of emails… everything is self contained in this app!  Again, while the website is useful, you will gain most benefit from downloading the app directly to your phone.

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