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Impact Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, PLLC

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Impact Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, PLLC
345 23rd Avenue N., Suite 301
Nashville, TN 37203
615.346.4036 (phone/fax)

Expertise. Innovation. Compassion. Our practice provides care to athletes and non-athletes with a focus on sports medicine, nonsurgical orthopedics and minimally-invasive procedures. Dr. Clarke Holmes has over a decade of experience and expertise in treating endurance athletes, from beginners to world-class competitors.

At Impact Sports Medicine, we understand endurance athletes. We know that this is your passion, your stress-reliever, your doorway to travel, your pathway to friendships, not to mention your route to healthier living. Injuries can be discouraging, but we are here to correctly diagnose you, advise you whether training is permitted while recovering and to formulate a plan to overcome your injury.

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