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Evans Glass Company


Evans Glass Company
652 Cornelia Court
Nashville, TN 37217



Here’s a trivia question for you. Which one of the BEAT sponsor companies is known for their pink trucks? It’s Evans Glass Company! Bill Evans says his father, the company’s founder, chose the color after his mother pointed to a pink 1956 Cadillac and dared him to paint his truck that color. That’s pretty gutsy, right?

Bill is gutsy too. To date, he has completed 12 marathons (trail and road) in diverse weather conditions. The last one was April 25, 2015, just six months after triple bypass surgery. In 2010, Bill ran 56 miles to celebrate his 56th birthday and raise money for The Salama Institute, an organization that serves Nashville’s children with an extended learning program in the areas of academics, arts, life skills, leadership, and spiritual development. Bill says, “Non-endurance people ask if I ran those miles all in one day. Endurance athletes never even ask the question.”

Evans Glass Company was started in 1956, and currently has 56 employees. Residentially, the company provides and installs mirrors, shower doors, table tops, shelving, and non-traditional items, and replaces broken or fogged window glass. They also have commercial and distribution divisions. The company recently won the 2015 BBB Torch Award for Ethical Commerce.

As a marathoner and century cyclist, Bill became interested in joining BEAT. When a friend and BEAT board member asked him to consider becoming a sponsor, he didn’t hesitate. Evans Glass Company has sponsored BEAT for 5 years and offers a 15% discount to BEAT members. Contact Bill to coordinate your discount.

The next time you’re in need of a glass product, check out the company website, and the next time you see an Evans Glass Company pink truck on the road, you can think, “Hey, that’s a BEAT sponsor!”

Thank you, Bill, for your continuing support of BEAT. We appreciate you!


Barrett Sims:

 “Evans Glass is awesome. They built my gigantic glass shower made for a giant like me to spin around in with my arms out and never have to lean over to get under the water. It kind of looks like a portion of the Chattanooga Aquarium. They designed and installed it perfectly.  This was pre-BEAT so no 15% discount. Certainly could have used it, BUT I did get a pink Evans Glass coffee mug after spending a small fortune on my shower.  :-).  You get what you pay for. The mug and the shower are both still perfect!  First class customer service when they measured, designed, and installed it.  Made a few trips out here to make sure everything was perfect (way out in the sticks), and sent a small army of guys to be safe and carefull hauling 9ft pieces of glass up the stairs to install.  All the crew was first class too.  I have referred several clients to them too and all have been more than pleased.  Great sponsor.”


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