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Kristen Wilson-Fisher

1) Give us some background information. Where are you from? Tell us about your family. Tell us about your profession/work. Share your hobbies/passions/
I was born in Providence, RI but was raised throughout the US, Canada & Switzerland. No I am not an army brat ☺. My father was a hockey player and then coach. I am forever grateful for the amazing experiences my parents were able to give my sister and I. Now I am a mother of 2 daughters Riley (7) & Kingsley (almost 4), and wife to Fisher in Franklin, TN. His name is Johnathan Fisher, and yes it’s my last name, but I will always call him Fisher ☺. When we moved here almost 3 years ago I was able to quit my full time job, so now I’m full time mom and try to pick up freelance projects when I can (graphic designer).

2) What is one fun fact about you?
I LOVE hip hop dancing and popping my booty pretending I’m one of those rap girls in a video at DC Dance Factory ☺… although I haven’t been in awhile as I’m still accumulating things I need for tri’s.

3) How did you get interested in triathlons and/or endurance sports? When did you start training for triathlons/endurance races? Which race was your first triathlon/endurance race and where was it?1619622_10152381704086904_9075555654223651280_n
My sister did her first tri almost 4 years ago. I dragged my 3 year old and infant to cheer her on to several of them. Having just had a baby, I thought these people including my sister were crazy. I had run marathons in the past, but never thought I would do a tri. I even told her, “ I WILL NEVER DO A TRI”. Then we moved to TN, I started running more. Last year I ran a race every month in honor of my friends daughter who was battling leukemia. Every event I would think of her and my friends that I have lost. I loved it, but I was ready for a new challenge. So this year is my year of the TRI. I started training in January after my last marathon. My first race was the IRON NUGGET in Dickson/Burns, TN this past May.

4) Which of the following is your strongest and weakest discipline and why: swimming, biking or running?
Running would be my strongest since I’ve been doing it the longest. Swimming is my weakest. I don’t think it will ever become easy to plan out when I get to breath ☺. However I am proud of what I have accomplished so far.1609847_10202772855620367_773164638_n

5) What obstacles, if any, have you overcome in order to train for and race in triathlons and/or endurance sports?
Swimming & reoccurring nagging injuries. January I did not like to put my face in the water. I didn’t even want to swim in front of the lifeguards! Then I got a pair of goggles, but I would still swim with my eyes closed, I just thought they were great to keep water out of my eyes ☺. When I told my sister we both started laughing, she told me to open them. When I did I thought oh this is even better, now I will swim straight! Just when I started to get a little more comfortable in the pool I challenged myself to do open water and to practice in my wetsuit before my first tri. First time out I was surprised I felt okay. Second time not so much. But I just made myself keep practicing. And I had fellow beat members to help me through it.

6) What is your most memorable/favorite triathlon or endurance race and why?
I loved watching my sister at her first Olympic. She fell in the sand coming out of the water. My daughter (3 at the time) started laughing so loud we all started laughing including my sister. She still placed 2nd. For my own I would say the IRON NUGGET since it’s been my only one so far ☺ but it will be memorable for other reasons too. I finished 2nd in my age group, It was awesome to have so many other BEAT members there including Sandy & Michelle! I was also so inspired by an athlete that did the race with one leg… no prostetic. He swam, then road his bike with one leg (up the hills), then finished the 5k on his crutches!!!

7) What races are you planning for/training for in 2014?
6/7/14 Franklin Half Marathon, 6/14/14 Girls Tri it On, 6/21/14 Harpeth Metric Century Ride, 6/28/14 Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic, 7/26/14 Nashville Music City Tri, 9/28/14 August Half Iron Man, then I’ll find some running events for the fall.

8) What’s one piece of equipment/gear that you can’t live without?
Garmin & good shoes & anti chafing sticks

9) How long have you been a BEAT member? Why did you join BEAT and what is your favorite thing about the club?
January 2014. I love hearing about everyone’s experiences and having great resources from a variety of athletes to help me on the start of my triathlon journey.

10) If you could give one piece of advice to a beginner triathlete or endurance racer, what would it be?
Start out slow and at your own pace. If you can, find a coach. It makes the whole process of training much easier. Every person is different but just know that you are capable of great things.

11) Any last words for us?
Only that I LOVE triathlon already after only having done one.

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