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John Hopfensperger

John run 31) Give us some background information. Where are you from? Tell us about your family. Tell us about your profession/work. Share your hobbies/passions/interests.
I grew up on a dairy farm near Green Bay, Wisconsin and lived in Green Bay most of my life. Our family relocated to Brentwood, TN nearly six years ago. We moved here for business, weather and wonderful schools. My wife Kristine and I are both outdoor enthusiasts. We have two daughters, Claire 11 and Megan 9. I own CMK Properties and we put together private equity investments. We own healthcare property & operating companies and also do quite a bit of Dollar General real estate investment. Passions: I love my girls and really enjoy being able to spend time with them! I enjoy triathlons, setting goals and challenging myself to grow in all areas of life.2014 Family Cruise Portrait

2)  What is one fun fact about you?
I played lead guitar in a “big hair” 80’s rock band and toured the country for five years in pursuit of a record deal. Didn’t get that deal but had some wonderful experiences!

3) How did you get interested in triathlons and/or endurance sports? When did you start training for triathlons/endurance races? Which race was your first triathlon/endurance race and where was it?
I started running to improve my health in my late 30’s and did a few marathons and then I started cycling to cross train. I wanted to do triathlon but could not swim, at all. My first race was Cedars of Lebanon and I hyperventilated during the swim (which was in a pool)!

4) Which of the following is your strongest and weakest discipline and why: swimming, biking or running?
My strongest discipline is running. For some reason running has always come naturally for me and I’ve done well. Cycling is also great!   Swimming is my weakest area as I just learned how to swim a few years ago. But, through excel and practice I continue to improve.

5) What obstacles, if any, have you overcome in order to train for and race in triathlons and/or endurance sports?
The swim was a huge obstacle both mentally and physically for me initially. As a non swimmer I couldn’t imagine swimming 2.4 miles anywhere much less in the ocean. Last year I did Ironman Florida which had a very challenging swim and it went great!

6) What is your most memorable/favorite triathlon or endurance race and why?
2013 IMF John finish 2Because Ironman was such a goal, I really appreciated crossing the finish line at Ironman Florida and doing well.

7) What races are you planning for/training for in 2014?
USAT long course Nationals and also Rev 3 Knoxville half iron distance.

8) What’s one piece of equipment/gear that you can’t live without? 
My running shoes

9) How long have you been a BEAT member? Why did you join BEAT and what is your favorite thing about the club?
I was fortunate to be one of the initial Board members for BEAT. I thought BEAT was a wonderful idea and wanted to be part of helping launch the club locally. Janet Byers did the “heavy lifting” so all kudo’s go to Janet!

10) If you could give one piece of advice to a beginner triathlete or endurance racer, what would it be?
Take your time and enjoy the process of learning and building your endurance base and confidence from year to year. I wanted to go out and do a full Ironman the first year of the sport. But instead did an Olympic my first year, half iron my second year and full iron my third year. For me that progression worked out wonderfully.

11) Any last words for us?
Get involved with BEAT and do group rides, runs, swims. It’s more fun to train with others. The race is just part of the journey. The training and achieving milestones along the way offer many “magic moments”.

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