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Suzanne Locke


 Suzanne Locke
2014-2015 BEAT treasurer

1) Give us some background information.  Where are you from?  Tell us about your family.  Tell us about your profession/work.  Share your hobbies/passions/interests.

I’m 41 years old and live in Brentwood with my husband, Brad, and two daughters, Shea (9) and Claire (7).  I grew up in Boston (although I only have an accent when I’m there!) where I attended college.  After college, I went on to the University of Michigan for business school (GO BLUE!).  Then to Cincinnati to work at Procter & Gamble and where I met my husband.  We moved our family to Brentwood almost 4 years ago when Brad took a job with Mars Pet Care. Before staying home with my daughters 9 years ago, I was a Strategy Director for a brand consultancy in Cincinnati.  I’m asked all the time if I miss “working” and the answer is a definitive “NO!” I love my life here in the Bubble!

2)  What is one fun fact about you?

I’ll give you two:  One, I was the captain of the water polo team at Harvard, so I can tread water like nobody’s business! And, two, I met my husband in an elevator.

3) How did you get interested in triathlons?  When did you start training for triathlons? Which race was your first triathlon and where was it?

My first triathlon was the women’s Tri-It-On and I came in 3rd overall!  I swam through college and ran a bunch of 10Ks and half-marathons but was getting injured constantly. I finally made the leap to buy a road bike and give it a try!  And NOW I LOVE it!!!

4) Which of the following is your strongest and weakest discipline and why: swimming, biking or running? 

Swimming.  I swam competitively for 20 years, so that’s a no brainer!

5) What obstacles, if any, have you overcome in order to train for and race in triathlons?

I’m injured as often as not.  Usually hip injuries, but most recently two tears in my plantar fascia, which kept me from running for over a year.  That’s when I discovered the Aquabike race!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Aquabike!  Swim, bike and then you’re first in the food line and can drink beer while you’re waiting for your friends to finish.

6) What is your most memorable/favorite race and why? (Doesn’t have to be a triathlon)

Without a doubt….the Brentwood Kids triathlon.  My older daughter has autism and she completed the triathlon the last two years. Super proud mom moment. In 2013, the triathlon introduced the Vanderbilt Buddy program where an able-bodied child is paired up with a child with a disability, pulling him/her in a raft and pushing or pulling them in a stroller.These kids were absolutely awesome and inspiring to watch!

7) What races are you planning for/training for in 2014?

Possibly Augusta 70.3 if I can convince my husband that I won’t get injured (and that I don’t get injured beforehand)!  If not, I’ll probably do all the local races here and maybe Fall Creek Falls again.

8) What’s one piece of equipment/gear that you can’t live without?

I guess I’d just say FOOD!  I never leave for a bike ride or run without lots of snacks with me.

9) How long have you been a BEAT member?  Why did you join BEAT and what is your favorite thing about the club?

I just joined BEAT last year, shortly after I did the women’s Tri-it-On race.  I’m totally shallow, but I LOVE the apparel!

10) If you could give one piece of advice to a beginner triathlete, what would it be?

I’m absolutely the last person that should be giving advice to a beginner triathlete as I’m still in that category!

11) Any last words for us?  

Nope…got nothing here.


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